Q:  How do I get on the schedule?

A:  Please email am@aquatikids.com to get the updated availability.  If we cannot get you on the calendar because we have nothing available that is suitable, we can put you on a waitlist!

Q:  Why is graduation from Big Fish or equivalent experience a prerequisite to semi-private lessons?

A:  Our private lessons focus on the principals of survival swimming and self-rescue and we like to ensure that our students have a sufficient level of competency in the pool before transitioning into semi-private lessons.  This benefits beginning swimmers by allowing them to gain a solid foundation in the shortest amount of time in a 1:1 setting, and benefits more experienced swimmers by ensuring that the instructor can spend time teaching more advanced skills during semi-private lessons.  We find this provides the most optimal learning environment for all of our swimmers.

Q:  Why are survivial swim lessons only 10 or 20 minutes long?

A:  First, small children have short attention span and the most effective swimming instruction occurs during this time.  Second, repetition is a powerful way to master a skill and is utilized in our program to maximize learning potential.  Third, swimming is a work out and learning is less likely to occur when your child is fatigued during swim lessons.  We have found that short frequent lessons provide the most effective instruction.

Q:  If my baby seems unhappy during lessons, will he/she grow up to hate the water?

A:  We find that children that develop a level of competency in the water at an early age are ultimately the happiest and most confident swimmers.

Q:  Why do you recommend lessons 4 days a week for new swimmers enrolled in survival swimming lessons?

A:  Repetition is a powerful way to master a skill and is utilized in our program to maximize learning potential.  As well as strengthening connections in the brain, repetition has strong emotional implications for young learners. Children enjoy repetition because it helps them feel confident with a new skill and allows them to actively participate.  Children use repetition to practice skills and to predict what happens next while building confidence, a sense of security and self-esteem.  By using a repetitive format with variation, we can draw on the confidence, security, and connections the child has already established to support learning a new skill.

Q: I don’t have time to come 4 days a week for survival swimming lessons – can we come less frequently?

A: Whether your child will derive the same benefit by coming fewer days a week depends upon your goals as well as your child’s age and experience.  We encourage you to call to discuss this with a member of the AquatiKids team.

Q:  If my child transitions from one class to another, do I have to pay the registration fee twice?

A:  No, the registration fee is only for new students and is waived if transitioning from one class to another.  A swimmer is considered a “new student” if that child has not participated in lessons at AquatiKids in the year preceding commencement of lessons.