Rules, Terms, and Conditions*

REGISTRATION FEE:  There is a $85.00 non-refundable fee for each new student to secure your time spot for lessons, including reserving a wait listed time spot. A swimmer is considered a “new student” if that child has not participated in lessons at AquatiKids in the 52 weeks preceding commencement of lessons.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY:  Changes to reserved time must be made 48 hours prior to the first day of class/lessons. All withdrawals from the program less than 48 hours in advance of lessons will result in a $85.00 cancellation fee.

PAYMENT:  Payment for lessons must be made in advance. Unless agreed to otherwise, payment will be due on Monday of each week and payment will be made by by authorizing AquatiKids to automatically draft each payment via a Stripe subscription.

ATTENDANCE POLICY / MAKE UP LESSONS:  The schedule for each week is finalized on Sunday evenings. By enrolling in our program, the time you select is reserved for your child. If your child is unable to attend his/her lesson(s) as scheduled please let us know as soon as possible so that your child’s spot may be offered to students needing make up lessons. If notice is provided before 9:00 p.m. the day before your payment drafts out (typically Monday unless otherwise agreed upon), you will not be charged for the lessons you will not attend. If you are not able to provide notice prior to your payment being drafted, you will be charged for the lesson but we have a very liberal make up policy, and any missed lessons may be made up at a mutually agreed upon time that is not your child’s usual lesson time.  If we have to cancel a lesson for some reason, we will arrange a make-up lesson or offer a credit for the missed lesson.

REGISTRATION AND ENROLLMENT:  AquatiKids does not automatically register your child for additional lessons or groups. Each client must register for every program or set of lessons that they intend to take.

WHAT TO WEAR / BRING: Please be sure to come prepared! You are required to provide your own towels. We suggest you bring two. All Children that are not completely potty trained are required to wear a disposable “little swimmer” underneath a non-disposable diaper during lessons.  Swimsuits are optional.  If your child is not wearing swim diapers and has an accident in the pool there will be a charge of $100.00 passed on to you. In cases of pool contamination the pool must be closed to super shock it and clean it, which means canceling all classes in the above time frame.

ARRIVAL Please have your child ready for their scheduled lesson at least 10 minutes in advance. If you are late, we will do our best to fit your child in whenever possible, but realize that your child may have a shortened lesson.

WAIVER AND RELEASE. Please read carefully and be aware that in registering your minor child for participation in this program, you will be waiving and releasing all claims for injuries you or your child might sustain as a result of participation in any class or activity conducted by AquatiKids.

As a parent/guardian of a participant of instruction taught by AquatiKids, I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks associated with the program. I agree to assume full responsibility of any injuries, property damage, or loss, which I, or my minor child, may sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with AquatiKids. I agree to hold AquatiKids and/or the Instructor from any liability resulting from use of the premises and waive and relinquish all claims against AquatiKids and/or its owner and or operators from any injury that I, or my minor child may sustain as a result of participating in this program.

BILLING AUTHORIZATION. I represent and warrant that if I am purchasing something or paying for a service from this facility or from other merchants through this facility that (i) any credit card or bank account draft (ACH Draft) information I supply is true and complete, (ii) charges incurred by me will be honored by my credit card company or financial institution, and (iii) I will pay the charges incurred by me at the posted prices, including any applicable taxes, fees, and penalties. I hereby authorize (if online payment is made or autopay information is provided) this facility to charge my ACH draft, or credit card account. I understand that a 30 day written notice is required to terminate billing and I am responsible for payment whether or not my student attends classes until I notify this facility in writing to drop my student from class(es). Should I dispute a charge through my financial institution this will constitute a breach of contract possibly resulting in, but not limited to, penalties, additional fees, collection, legal action, and/or termination of any and/or all current and future services.