Abby (5 years old) made the summer swim team thanks to coach Nathaniel!

Joseph G., Atlanta, Georgia

We’re at the pool in FL and there have been several times when I have seen Eva get too deep, and she just flips over on her back and kicks her way to the side or to the shallow end! Take a bow coach!! Great job! Thank you so much!

Akilah S., Atlanta, Georgia

We enrolled our 7-month-old son for infant survival training and we were VERY impressed . After just a week or two he was able to float on his back with no problem. By the end he was able to be placed in the pool (simulating a fall in) completely clothed and turn on his back and float. It’s a peace of mind that every parent should have. We can’t recommend Nathaniel enough, he’s amazing. We also watched him teach older kids and they loved him, as well. I highly recommend Aquatikids!

Brian R. , Atlanta, Georgia

After searching for a swim school for my 4 year old daughter, I came across Aquatikids on Facebook and after reading the reviews I decided to take my daughter. Now I know I made the right choice because Nathaniel is a professional and knows how to interact with children, has a lot of patience and although my daughter is fearful, he makes her feel safe. I am very happy to have found this place. I definitely recommend it!

Karina G., Atlanta, Georgia